As the Keyboard Clicks...
The Collected Writings of Lori Roets Valone
Unexpected Pleasures


    The door of the villa swung open and there stood Jesse. Jade's eyes widened. "What are you doing here?"


    "Surprised?"  Jesse smiled broadly and stepped back to let her inside. 


    Jade's pulse quickened.  He was clad only in khaki shorts and a pale blue cotton shirt.  He could have walked off the cover of Travel + Leisure's Caribbean edition.  How could this be happening?   "Surprised?  Flabbergasted is more like it."


    Jesse had generously offered to let her stay at his ocean villa for a few days to regroup.  He never mentioned being here too."I'm sorry for not letting you know I was coming to St. Martin, Jade.  It was a last minute decision.  Come on in."


    Jade stood rooted just outside the threshold, unable to will her legs to step into the villa.    Catching a glimpse  of  Jesse's smooth chest beneath the loosely buttoned shirt, she couldn't help imagining how he would look without it.  Or better still without the shorts.   A warm flash rapidly coursed through her and she silently caught her breath.  How could she possibly imagine anything of the sort?  This was her boss, not just some gorgeous guy she'd just  met.  "I'll…just…go get a hotel."


    "Nonsense."  Jesse said.  "There's plenty of room. Let me take your bag." 


    Jesse's fingers brushed lightly against her as he reached for the suitcase, sending little shockwaves reverberating all up and down Jade's right arm.  Nervously, she chewed the corner of her lip.  Where was all that confidence she was known for in customer negotiations?  Gone, no doubt, with the incidental brush of his fingertips on her skin.   Taking a deep breath, she willed herself to follow Jesse into the villa's black marble foyer.  

"Oh, Jade.  What have you gotten yourself into now?"