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The Collected Writings of Lori Roets Valone
Twellow:  The Twitter Yellow Pages

New Twitter users, especially casual or less technically savvy users, often struggle at first for how to gain followers. Twellow is a great jump start for new users, but equally valuable as a resource for established users. considers itself to be the Yellow Pages of Twitter.  Created by the founders of WebProNews, Twellow grabs publicly available messages from Twitter, analyzes them and categorizes the user responsible for the message into a variety of pre-defined categories within  Doing so allows Twellow users to search within Twellow categories for users to follow who have a particular interest. 

For example, since I have an interest in horses, after setting up my own profile on Twellow, I clicked "Search" and then entered "horse" in the Search field.

Click <enter> and a list of Twitter users who have been categorized to have a connection to horses in some way will be be displayed.  You can review their bios, tweets and interests and, if interested, choose to follow them, right from the Twellow screen.   In this case, you'll notice there were 1,186 people who were categorized as having an interest in horses. 

I'm not currently following the first one - Peter Scott.  There is nothing obvious on his profile to indicate his interest in horses, but he does have an extended profile.  When I click to open it, I see he has an interest in horse racing.  Since racing isn't really my cup of tea, I decide to leave him unfollowed. 

I am already following the second one - Miami Phillips.  He is a horse farmer and is one I first discovered here on Twellow when I first joined Twitter. 

I can review as few or as many as I like, following those that look promising. When I did this the very first time, I had about a 60% conversion rate of followees to followers within 4-5 days. I have repeated the exercise on several occasions to augment my cadre of followers or tap into follows in a new category I have no experience with.

I suggest creating an extended bio, including links to your other social media sites as well as a link to your webpage or blog.  Maximize every avenue you have to let free channels like this drive followers or traffic to you -- you can even provide a "sticker" to encourage people to follow you on Twellow.