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The Collected Writings of Lori Roets Valone
Suncoast Bedding

Originally published in Salt Block Gazette, October 2008 (page 6)

Cover Story: Suncoast Bedding
by Lori Roets

Imagine bedding so soft and fluffy it’s like walking on a cloud. The beauty is… you don’t have to imagine it! Suncoast Bedding provides just such an experience. The top animal bedding and equine shavings product on the market today, Suncoast Bedding is an exceptional value. Thanks to an innovated patented European packing process Suncoast Bedding is able to achieve a compression ratio unmatched in the equine bedding industry.

Suncoast Bedding is the only company in North American to pack 10-12 cubic feet in such a small package. Using built-in quality control systems, Suncoast Bedding packages it’s bales with 1% of the stated weight and volume every time.

Suncoast Bedding comes in both a mini and a large flake for equine and other large other uses as well as a cedar shaving for small animals. The 8 cubic foot mini flake and 10 cubic foot large flake are packed using a 4 to 1 compression ratio. Competitors use only a 2 to 1 compression ratio. As a result, Suncoast Bedding expands to over twice the volume of their competitors. Seeing truly IS believing.

Suncoast uses only pure pine shavings – and this is truly a shaving product – not the sawdust often sold by competitors. Many of their competitors simply buy the sawmill byproducts which they package and sell as bedding. The extremely fine nature of this sawdust can pose health hazards to both animals and humans – particularly affecting those with allergies. Suncoast Bedding, being a true shavings product, contains significantly lower dust content to reduce potential health issues. In fact, Suncoast Bedding is so concerned about quality they buy their own trees from which to make their shavings. They were the first in the United States to go to such lengths to insure the quality of their product.

Suncoast’s bedding is so pure -- it is used in many equine hospitals. As a result of being heated to 800 to 900 degrees during the drying processes, any mold or fungus in the wood is killed, resulting in a sterile product when bagged. This makes it ideal for use in hospitals and breeding applications.

A Florida based business, Suncoast Bedding utilizes the expertise of a Board of Advisors to ensure a quality product. Encompassing the views of veterinarians, equine experts and arborists, the Board of Advisors is key to the long-term success of Suncoast Bedding. In business for 7 years, Suncoast Bedding operates 3 plants – one in Texas and two in Georgia with the second having just come on-line in mid-July. Suncoast Bedding is the only shaving manufacturer who has worked extensively to develop brand name recognition.

Suncoast Bedding is sold through a network of distributors. The best way to find the nearest distributor is through use of the Dealer Locator option on the company’s website at Suncoast Bedding is readily available throughout the Southeast, Southwest and Central US and is even shipped to such faraway locations as Dubai and Korea.

With today’s high fuel prices, Suncoast’s economical packaging is also very important. While most competitors can only get 800-1000 bales on a truck, Suncoast delivers an amazing 1352 bales per truckload. When you combine that with the fact that each bales delivers twice the volume of the average competitor – you have an incredible value! Suncoast Bedding simply can’t be beat.But Suncoast doesn’t simply stop at delivering superior value to its customers. Suncoast is committed to giving back to the community through an extensive community outreach program. Agri-Products, Suncoast Bedding’s parent company is a proud sponsor of nonprofit horse rescue, equine retirement and equine assisted therapy programs. In their first year of operation, Suncoast Bedding contributed almost $9000 to rescue and outreach programs. Suncoast Bedding feels “we have a responsibility to the Horse, as caregivers, to step in and support as many as possible the dedicated Horse rescue and retirement operations”.

Quality, value and genuine concern for the welfare of both animals and humans alike – no other bedding company has demonstrated such a strong commitment. Suncoast Bedding is truly the leader in animal bedding and horse shavings products. We invite you to compare – the results speak for themselves.