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Six Sigma Team Dynamics
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Eckes Fills Critical Void in Six Sigma Literature, January 7, 2003
By  Lori D. Roets (Jacksonville, FL United States)
Whether new to Six Sigma or working in an established deployment, this book is for you. Until now, no books have confronted the Six Sigma Team function issue head on. Kudos to George Eckes for identifying this critical gap and plugging it!

As an established deployment leader at a large firm, I can attest to the fact that team dynamics is one of the biggest factors in success or failure of Six Sigma projects. Eckes' book is an easy read, using a fictional team throughout that keeps the reading light and interesting, while imparting valuable tools and techniques to improve your teams. From clarifying roles and responsibilities of team participants to providing specific intervention techniques for maladaptive behaviors, this book is packed with things you can use today. No matter what role you play on a Six Sigma team - Champion, Black/Green Belt, or Master Black Belt - you will find keys to better team interactions to allow you to deliver the results your company needs to succeed.

Terrific bonuses include common pitfalls in team dynamics you should avoid, a list of 95 questions champions should ask their project teams and tools templates you can put to work to improve your information flow.

This book is now required reading for all our Master Black Belts and soon to be incorporated in to our Champion eduction. If you want to improve your team's results, I highly recommend this book.