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On Track Rail News - August 8, 2008
From On Track Rail News, a Teradata in-house publication produced by Lori Roets

The Extraboard - An EDW Viewpoint - August 8, 2008
by Lori Roets

Railroads well understand the value of an enterprise data warehouse, having been long-time adopters of EDW technology. Over the years, most railroads have done a reasonably good job at integrating a broad range of subject areas into their data warehouse. Like many companies, however, most railroads did not spend as much time creating the data governance processes to support their burgeoning EDWs. As a result, these companies are now in a position of needing to take a step back to implement this much-needed structure before they can continue moving forward to gain maximum value from their investment. By providing the right guidance at the right time, Teradata has the ability to offer significant value to our established customers by providing direction and structure with regards to data governance.