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The Collected Writings of Lori Roets Valone
On Track Rail News - January 16, 2009
From On Track Rail News, a Teradata in-house publication produced by Lori Roets

The Extraboard - An EDW Viewpoint - January 16, 2009
by Lori Roets

We often take for granted companies truly understand who their customer is and have resources in place to readily access detailed intelligence on their business. While every business has basic customer information, often it is not organized in such as way as to allow ready rollup of information across plants or locations.  And while sales and marketing may feel they have an adequate view of the customer, an operational view is quite often lacking.  Integrated data is the key to a holistic customer view, capable of meeting the needs of sales and marketing, finance and operations alike.  Only with a 360 degree view can a customer’s needs truly be satisfied.  And only then can a company say they truly understand their customer.