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The Collected Writings of Lori Roets Valone
On Track Rail News - November 28, 2008
From On Track Rail News, a Teradata in-house publication produced by Lori Roets

The Extraboard - An EDW Viewpoint - November 28, 2008
by Lori Roets

The Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance (aka 2550) offers opportunities for railroads to take advantage of Teradata’s strengths in the EDW space in new and exciting ways. Where in the past, we focused our railroad customers exclusively on one all encompassing EDW platform; the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance provides an environment suitable for specialized use within the rail environment. For example, the 2550 may be used as an ideal sandbox platform for prototyping new applications. Or, the 2550 might be used for highly sensitive analysis such as during a potential merger or acquisition, legal analysis or to support analysis for highly sensitive customer data. In short, the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance is not only a device for small to medium sized firms – it may also have a strategic position in existing large accounts and its use should not be overlooked.