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On Track Rail News - November 14, 2008
From On Track Rail News, a Teradata in-house publication produced by Lori Roets

The Extraboard - An EDW Viewpoint - November 14, 2008
by Lori Roets

In today’s tough economy, profitability analytics take on a new importance. Railroads have a common carrier obligation which means they are required by law to carry goods for any shipper who is willing to pay. In today’s deregulated environment (post-Staggers Rail Act of 1980), railroads are free to charge shippers commensurate with the costs and risk associated with transporting their goods. Unfortunately, however, the financial systems of most railroads are still using allocated costs rather than actual, making this a difficult proposition. Creating a robust financial data warehouse, capability of supporting deeper profitability analysis needs to be a priority for all railroads to insure their continued success in turbulent times.