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On Track Rail News - October 17, 2008
From On Track Rail News, a Teradata in-house publication produced by Lori Roets

The Extraboard - An EDW Viewpoint - October 17, 2008
by Lori Roets

The Rise of Mobile for Rail

The results of a recent Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) near-field-communication (NFC) trial program indicate the technology has potential in the marketplace. Between January and May, 230 participants used NFC-equipped mobile phones to pay for their train fares and food, receive discounts and check account balances. The phones contained contactless chips that enabled users to complete a transaction. Participants could use the phones to tap a fare gate to pay their fare or tap "smart" ads located on BART platforms that automatically transmit restaurant or movie discounts and directions to the cell phones. More than 80 percent of the trial participants said the system was easy to use, according to BART and partners First Data and ViVOtech. Mobile technology will play an increasing larger role – not just in sales and promotions where it has often been applied in the retail sector, but also to enable more fluid operations.