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Best of Blogs:  Career Renegade
The economy has just served you up a big, fat opportunity.

- Jonathan Fields, Career Renegade                                         

The question is:  Are you ready to seize the bull by the horns and take it? 

Far to many people are stuck doing things they don't enjoy, day after day, because they feel it is the only way to making a living and support their families.  They put their personal desires and aspirations on hold and slog away at the corporate grind, only to become disillusioned, discouraged, and downtrodden. 

Enter a bad economy and they hold on with a death grip to their ghastly career, because they are horrified with the prospect of being unemployed.  But perhaps, that is exactly the kick in the seat of the pants, the whack up side the head they need, to make a change.

Jonathan Fields, in his book "Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love", shares example after example of people who shed the trappings of their everyday life and found career happiness doing things they WANTED to do.  These are ordinary folks who found the impetus to succeed, either though necessity or at last becoming fed up enough with the work-a-day work and making the commitment to change.

Jonathan's book is outstanding, packed with actionable advice.  But his insight goes far beyond his book to his Career Renegade blog and Career Renegade TV, offering profiles of successful individuals who have broken the mold, or as Jonathan Fields calls them, 'Everday Visionaries'. 

A sample of recent blog topics includes:

Among the 'Everyday Visionaries' you'll meet through Jonathan Fields works are:

  • Lynn Terry, a single mom of two, rebuilt her life from her living room table, home-schooled her kids and now generates a great living and does what she loves (often while kicking back on her porch)
  • David Riklan, a high-tech sales executive, married with kids and a mortgage, rebuilt a completely new career in the world of personal development publishing and now lives well in the world and loves what he does.
  • Ann Rea, stressed and depressed office worker left it all behind and brainstormed an amazingly innovative way to earn a great living, returning to her passion for painting in the vineyards of Napa and Somona Valleys.
  • Will Chen left behind a job as a high-powered attorney to pursue his love of…poker, turned that into a serious living playing and writing about poker, then leveraged it to build a serious online and offline personal finance information and publishing business.
  • Harlan Kilstein went from rabbi to school principal to hypnotherapist to copywriter to 7-figure marketer (and he could actually make a lot more if he didn’t do yoga 3 hours a day!)

I have been fortunate enough to be a participant in Jonathan Field's "Flight School" program and I have had the opportunity to participate first hand in web conferences he has facilitated discussing how to leverage social media, monetize blogs, tap information gaps, leverage copywriting skills and much, much more.  Here I had the chance to learn firsthand from Harlan Kilstein about his journey from rabbi to copywriter and marketer - an inspiring example of a Career Renegade. 

Whether you have a secret passion you have never allowed to become anything more than a hobby, are impacted by the current economy or simply in need of a change of venue, I recommend exploring Jonathan Field's Career Renegade blog and book. It has been an inspiration to me.  It is enabling me to take my passion for writing and photography to the next level - a lifelong aspiration.   I invite you check it out and then drop me a note below and let me know your Career Renegade aspirations and your game plan for making them a reality.  There's no time like the present.  Sometimes all you need is a catalyst.