As the Keyboard Clicks...
The Collected Writings of Lori Roets Valone
Author - Lori D. Roets

Horses... technology... just a few of things I write about. 

My work has appeared in Trains magazine, the Salt Block Gazette,Equine JournalWashington Families, First Coast Families as well as regional newspapers

Online, I've written for and on such diverse topics as gastric bypassdata warehousing and Six Sigma

If you like horses, see some of my favorites articles published as the Charlotte Equine Examiner on the Equine page. 

I have many years of experience writing techical articles as well as many forms of business collateral, focused predominantly in the transportation and technology sectors.  Professional writing services are available at affordable rates.

I have long been consumed by the passion to write romance novels, but life has always seemed to get in the way of making it happen.  With a renewed commitment to move from thinking to doing, I am on my way to finally putting that passion to work. You'll see more in this vein in the weeks to come.

Thanks for visiting "As the Keyboard Clicks...".  I hope you'll drop by again soon.

Lori Roets Valone

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